Sunday, November 29, 2009

The pharmacy America Trusts

I've decided that my new favorite past time is to be in the pharmacy. The good news is that they also pay me to be there. And almost as much as my job that I got a degree to have. What am I doing with my life? Great question.

Anyways, I want to blog my experiences in the pharmacy, because people with drugs are so entertaining.

1. Week 1 (we're going way back 2004) - lady with cast on leg gets so angry at Carly (I can't remember why she was so angry, but my guess is that her pain meds were too soon to be filled). Angry lady throws her casted leg onto the counter to demonstrate to Carly as to why she needed those medications. Vanessa steps in and saves Carly which is so nice, because it's only my first week.

2. Last week, Mike getting "gobble gobble" from a patient.

3. The guy with his girlfriend telling Rebbeca how are are his FAVORITE WALGREEN'S EVER, because his copay was less than he thought (ummm we have nothing to do with the copays, that's all the insurance), then guy goes on to tell Rebecca about his lady friend's daughter who doesn't want to pay for car insurance, so she is going to sign the car over to them and they're going to tell it and move to Vegas. Ummm hope they like the Walgreen's there as much as they like ours. Better yet: Rebecca asking me if I saw the woman's teeth and I said "oh no, I was avoiding eye contact at all cost!"

4. The patient that walks up to the counter and loudly declares that he did not get any information on his viagra prescription (note: there are about 3 other patients at the counter at this point). I honestly thought he was joking for a minute, but no, so I printed some information for him.

More to come as they come to me.

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