Saturday, October 31, 2009

T minus 1 month

So we have about a month to MOVE OUT. We accepted an offer on our condo (an actual GOOD offer!). Basically after all is said and done, we are breaking even since we put money down and have obviously paid off some of the mortgage. We are very happy considering the market, plus we can turn around and put that money back into a down deposit. Now we can get a nice house for a good price. It's doubtful that will happen before we close on the condo, so we're packing up the house and kids (okay cats) and moving to my parent's house for awhile. Deja vu, but we're VERY lucky to have that (very inexpensive) option before us. And I think my parents, especially my mom misses her grandkitties. :) They are very sweet I must say.

It's a little bittersweet, since it is such a nice condo. Jerry and I are so ready for the yard, the family, the expanding... so it's time. We are ready and that is ALL that matters (I can't even tell you how many "you're moving all ready?!?"s I've been getting! It's our life people!!!!! Get over it! ha). Plus I REALLY want a basement to put the litter boxes and husbands in (those would be guitar playing husbands that need basements).

The idea of cooking dinner and not smelling kitty waste is within reach! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that was the one big trouble area that we didn't think about when buying our condo. And it's not awful, it's just difficult to scoop litter while cooking :) I can multi-task with the best of them, but that's going a little too far.

Happy Halloween

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