Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sometimes I wonder if Jerry and I should just sell the condo, rent a cute studio apartment, not have kids, and just live a quiet life traveling and spending money freely. I could work part-time, have my sanity, take classes, proceed towards graduate school before I'm 40 years old. I could take my medication for my back, less physial pain. Jerry could have all of his guitars, etc. etc. Carly tired, can you tell?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


15 years ago, I was in the ranks of pet owning hamsters, fish, etc. 24 hours later, Earth day 1994, we changed that. We drove to a farm somewhere in SE Wisconsin and my sister said she wanted the puppy with the white butt. We took her home in our recycling bin (irony on Earth day) because we didn't have a kennel yet. That kennel lasted about a month for the records - she preferred the water beds (and was allowed on them! Spoiled!).

Beagles do not age well, so her last year or so was really rough on her and us - of course. When we did make the decision to put her to sleep, we knew it was the right decision. She was so sick. She went blind from glaucoma surgery in 2006, she had arthritis, and she was just old. The vets think she had a brain tumor, which was causing seizures and hallucinations - this only went on for a week, because we knew it was her time to go. Nobody should have to live with all of that, she lived her wonderful life, but it was time to go.

3/3/94 - 5/7/07. Happy 15th Anniversary tomorrow Abby Rose!

This is her last trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house (with our papa) -- the only place besides my parent's home that she could navigate without help (after she went blind). Looking very old here.

While, we're talking pets, here are my boys! Happy and healthy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

My life line

This is a reenactment. Original is dated 11/99! I had found the photo from 11/99 at my parent's house while I was waiting to leave for my grandparent's house. We happened to be traveling to my grandparent's house because one of the above cousins (far right) was in town with her dad from Washington state. My other cousin is from Madison. Then it's me and my sister. Maybe someday I'll get the original scanned. It's pretty cute.

I don't know those people in back, but the two in front are my grandparents. All right, fine, I do know those two in back! My uncle and cousin from Washington.

Monday, April 13, 2009

6/16/30 - 12/16/08

Today I learned that we will be burying my Grandpa next weekend. Not exactly how I wanted to start my Monday. No one really talks about how when someone dies during winter in Wisconsin, you can't just bury them. So now my Grandpa's remains (he was cremated in December) will finally be laid to rest as the ground begins to unthaw. Four months later. I miss my cutie pie Grandpa (see left - how cute is he?).