Thursday, September 17, 2009

We literally lowered the price of our condo YESTERDAY and today was TWO showings. It's a little intense. Especially since we haven't found a house (the only one was love is about $40,000 too much yikes!). Anyways, I should be working on my homework, but I can't concentrate at my parent's house (we still haven't signed up for internet access at home, we keep thinking we're moving soon! Crystal ball anyone?).

Everything else is kind of messy as well. I am constantly trying to figure out how to work enough to afford a mortgage, start a family, and continue my schooling. Also I have to figure out how to get these daytime only courses in and raise my family, clean the house, etc etc. I don't see it happening (because well seriously I think about it all of the time!!!), but I also don't see me being happy if I can't continue my education. It's too important to me (too bad it wasn't so important way back when I was young and single - time machine anyone?). That's my current sob story.

Here's hoping that the cats are behaving while our condo is being toured and my procrastination. XOXO