Friday, January 9, 2009

I thought this would be fun after reading Jerry's cousin's blog. Their lives are a lot more interesting though (100 fingers, 100 toes in all - yep a lot more interesting than me!).

So, baby has kindly decided to move enough that my sciatic nerve is no longer a pain! Woohoo! No more limping for now. Now if only this child would stop making me feel nauseous, we'd be in business.

I'm hoping I can talk Jerry into loading some photos eventually, so we can watch us grow. :) What a fun, crazy, scary, exciting time!


  1. Hi Carly and Jerry plus One,
    I've been following 100 fingers/100 toes, so here I am to follow your progress too! So glad to hear the news about a new member of the family on his/her way :-) Thinking of you as you embark on the next exciting adventure!
    Gail & Franz

  2. Not to scare you, but my older kids STILL nauseate me all the time! :)